Join KanBo Partners family and take advantage of our benefit program!

KanBo is open for partnerships with companies specialized in areas such as: Office 365, SharePoint,  Digital Transformation and productivity improvement. We especially pay interest in collaboration with experts of consulting, providing solutions, hosting services and business development.

We make possible for you to build your business with us! What is more, partnership comes with a chance of improving our decisions and broadening our horizons. Whatever your specialization is, we offer you a great deal to expand your business.

Feel welcome to fill in the partnership form and don’t be afraid to give us your propositions!

Frequently asked questions about Partner Program

Can anyone become a Partner?  KanBo Partnership program is an open one. Everybody is welcome as far as your company’s operations are consistent with KanBo philosophy and line of work.

Does KanBo Partnership require any payments? No, it’s entirely cost-free. What is more, KanBo Partners can take advantage of many benefits such as:

  • A percentage of commission charge for reselling KanBo licenses
  • Access to Partner Program which contains a rich know-how data considering Digital Workplace and Digital Transformation
  • Access to solutions catalogue provided by KanBo Partners. It might bring even more profit for your business
  • Training and marketing resources
  • KanBo Knowledge Base for Experts

 How can I take advantage of my benefits as a Partner? Benefits will be settled  each time, depending on your actions and commitment.


In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at or read our FAQ Base.

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