Here at KanBo, we greatly appreciate MVPs and Influencers who possess professional consulting skills, wide technical knowledge of software products and a passion to share it.

To take a full advantage of your expert skills, we would like to offer you licenses of KanBo for free. With these, you will have an opportunity to explore all advanced features of KanBo, including components belonging to the backend part.

Having a license will allow you to see KanBo in action and discover every aspect of it. As a Microsoft’s Most Valuable Person you will be pleased to hear that KanBo integrates deeply with the Microsoft environment which brings a lot of possibilities for a specialist like you. You will be able to create  hybrid models between the SharePoint On Premise and Office 365 environments.

What is more, KanBo provides you opportunities of:

These are just a few of many other possibilities we can offer to a person with your tier of knowledge and expertise of Microsoft environments. KanBo offers many solutions for integrating and synchronizing your workplace. You can freely make use of KanBo API to create custom connections.

To obtain a license of KanBo, please complete the following survey and select a KanBo variant you want. We will contact you shortly and send a license.

If you have any questions concerning the MVP license program, please contact us at See our SlideShare presentation “KanBo – the more advanced Office Planner On Premises”.

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