In a press release today, KanBo has announced support for the new Microsoft Teams communication and collaboration platform within Office 365. We are very excited about Microsoft’s continued innovation within the space, which provides so many opportunities for partners and customers to create rich, personalized experiences for their organizations. For KanBo, the rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams, along with the continued success of SharePoint, means our company will continue to grow and find new opportunities to add value.

The Evolving Needs of the Modern Workplace

Microsoft Teams logoIn the modern workplace, executive teams need more than weekly reports on what is happening within their organizations – they require granular access into the work being done, and the ability to interact directly with managers and task owners in context to the work being done. KanBo provides top-down visibility into specific projects, and visibility into the portfolio of projects and initiatives underway within an organization. All of this is provided through a single-pane of glass, giving executive teams the ability to ask questions, discuss changing priorities, and have real-time visibility into the details of project schedules.

Many of the Project and Portfolio Management options within the Office 365 platform today are too simplistic to meet the advanced requirements of most teams. KanBo is a portfolio, project, and task management solution all-in-one, working as an integrated part of Office 365. KanBo leverages all of the foundational services of Office 365 and Azure rather than pointing you to outside services. In fact, KanBo works across the products you already use every day, such as SharePoint, Office Groups, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams.

How KanBo Works with Microsoft Teams

Today’s announcement is about how KanBo works within Teams. By adding KanBo to your Microsoft Teams strategy, you have the ability to leverage individual project plans (boards) in KanBo within channels as a Tab, see activities journaled through a Connector, and interact with our Bot (K-Bot), with all users managed through Azure Active Directory.

In the press release, we mention some of the key benefits of using KanBo to accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Teams:

  • Transparency of individual KanBo project plans (boards) within Channels as a custom Tab
  • Management and Executive portfolio views of multiple projects, Channels, and Teams
  • Granular tracking of project activities that are journaled through the KanBo Connector and made visible within conversations of relevant Channels
  • Versatile interaction within Teams using natural language and the KanBo Bot (K-Bot) to retrieve project insights within a Channel

The real power of KanBo is its ability to keep your team moving forward by tracking all relevant information in one place. Whether an executive, manager, or end user, KanBo allows you to organize all projects, tasks, deadlines, and conversations into one place – and provides an aggregated view of your projects and tasks.

KanBo allows you to capture all relevant information, documents, and conversations in the context of a card, eliminating the need for time-consuming inquiries, and simplifying the coordination of tasks between team members. Cards provide a quick overview of what’s being done, without being slowed down by status emails and reporting.

Within Microsoft teams, portfolio management is greatly improved by the K-Bot functionality. The K-Bot is more than a digital assistant executing simple tasks, such as creating new cards, adding comments, or setting due dates. It acts as an “advisor” that can identify the critical path, suggest tasks or milestones that require your full attention, or estimate project impacts and delays should a key employee become unavailable. Instead of creating reports, executives can ask K-Bot for real-time insights.

Find Out More About KanBo and Teams

At KanBo, we believe the digital transformation is more than a marketing slogan, but a very real process underway in organizations large and small, around the world. Our core strength as a product company is the way we approach this digital transformation, as well as information management and collaboration, utilizing Kanban cards as the most efficient and effective containers for how we work and connect, ensuring everything we do has context to projects, tasks, and conversations within Office 365.

We invite you to participate in a post-Ignite conference webinar and demo, allowing you to see how KanBo can help accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Teams within your organization. Join us on Tuesday, October 3rd at 10am EST / 4pm CEST for this presentation, and to ask questions.

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We hope you can join us, and we look forward to your feedback!