Start Ups and Fintech Day is a conference dedicated to new technologies and will take place on 28th November 2017. The conference is based on Economy, Finances and Law as well as their impact on real sphere of economy in Poland and World for the upcoming years.

KanBo is a major partner of Start Ups and Fintech Day conference. Our knowledge of management areas, work organization and their impact on enterprise’s functioning will be shared by Arkadiusz Gos – the KanBo Evangelist. Our representative is highly engaged in activities, which have great and real impact on work improvement in organizations. Arkadiusz will show his auditors that new technologies are not only narrowed down to Blockchain and Fintech, but also include the very important topic of Digital Workplace. We highly recommend you to visit us on 28th November in Oracle headquarters in Warsaw to discover all details.

KanBo supports the event’s organizers by providing the KanBo software – a modern, web based platform that speeds up work management through a variety of collaborative, project & task management features. Organization of a complex event like this one is substantially improved by KanBo since it delivers the following business values out of the box:

  • efficient communication,
  • multiple tasks coordination,
  • access to the most recent data anywhere and anytime.

It is especially handy when the organizing team consist of geographically distributed specialists. The Real-time Work Management enables the team to achieve great results.

We are looking forward to a great conference.