Managing and organizing events for the modern Marketing Team

In KanBo – the Work-Coordination Platform, we know how important working in teams is and today we will present you our concept of organizing an event by a Marketing Team by using KanBo Board. Planning a conference is a huge opportunity for companies and teams inside them. An event might be a chance to promote the organization’s product, ideas or just a chance to share the most important values with people.

On the other hand, organizing an event such as conference might be a challenge which many organizations can face. Setting up an event requires collaboration on many levels of various departments across a company, especially for marketing teams and event managers. What is also needed is the ability to perform their work in the real time as well as instant access to the most recent information and documents. The benefits of implementing KanBo in the marketing team are all kinds of, for example, we gain good communication in the team, consistent knowledge, we do not waste time on emails or time to search for information.

KanBo is a platform where the organization can organize and schedule the whole event, giving the organizers and co-workers everything, they need. We would like to present you our case study of organizing a scientific conference about Digital Transformation.

Collaborative Work Management across teams in KanBo

The team consists of marketing specialists, but also thanks to the KanBo functionalities users from other departments can be added there. In KanBo, you can easily add users who have knowledge about a given project or can be useful at other stages in this project. This makes KanBo an “Internal Talent Marketplace”, as the team in KanBo can be a multi – disciplinary group of employees, representing the company’s most responsible departments. There is a possibility to collaborate with remote or externals users (outside of a company) as well. People can be added from various departments, for example from the IT department if we need an expert in this field. When there is a need to create some graphics for the advertising banner, it does not have to be ordered in an external company. After all, there are also such specialists in our company who will be happy to make such an advertising banner for us when we ask them to.

How to organize an event “Conference about Digital Transformation”

You can also see the example that we present in our Sandbox LTD environment, it’s called Conference about Digital Transformation, this board was created to organize a three-day conference. Get your access to Sandbox LTD here for free and enter the Board Conference about Digital Transformation with provided credentials.

The view below shows the entire project in one place. It is very easy to see what the team is working on by the visualization of work in KanBo.

The Goal – Work in one place

Surely getting a platform on which, all organizers can collaborate, share their documents and data is crucial for getting the conference plan in right time. For this purpose, we will create a new board.

A new Board has been created in order to manage only Conference-related work. This Board was divided into 4 lists, thanks to this, we could split our activities into various sections (Graphics, Promotion, Marketing, Organizers), in which we added cards (so-called micro-actions).

Each List has been described in such a way that everyone who visits it, knows why it was created. Thanks to such a division, every person in this Board knows what to do as the next step. Thanks to the existence of the due dates, the team knows when exactly we must do the given activity.

One of the very useful features in KanBo is the ability to filter. Everyone can filter by entering text, username, the status of the card or label. Labels can be customized to the needs of the board. Thanks to this, they are unique and easily understood by the rest of the team. It is also possible to change view to user list view. In this view there are lists, but these lists are divided by users responsible for each card. Thanks to this view, all can see clearly tasks that are assigned to individual users. Another way to check the condition of our project is to switch the view to the status list. In this case, a user can also change the name of the statuses, modify them in a very simple way and adjust to the statuses that are appropriate for this Board.

If there is a need to see what is happening inside the Board, the Workplace Analytics component can be used. Thanks to this feature, users are presented insights about: the most active users, the progress of cards, how many days left until the card is finished, how many cards are finished, how many are late and how many have not even started.

The next solution that can be used to see what is happening in your Board, are Gantt charts. These charts, in a very simple way, allow you to see what is going on in each Board, you can check how many days have been left to perform specific activities, you can also see if the cards are somehow related to each other.

Context– communicate immediately with other team members in a card.

As soon as collaborators are added to the project of organizing the event and the structure is ready, it is time to assign tasks to people or teams. We have created many Cards representing major tasks, which need to be completed in a order.

In a Card, team members can see who is working on it. All communication related to this activity is visible here. A Card is the most basic element of KanBo, but also the most important one. This is a platform for co-workers to focus on tasks and share required documents and knowledge. Start from adding collaborators to a Card: a person responsible and his/her co-workers, then assign adequate Labels and Card statuses to it. Adding Card dates is also essential to estimate the time frame of completing this part of a project.

In the Card’s stream member of the Card can discuss the steps of performing the whole tasks as well as see changes which have been made on a Card. A great functionality is the Document versioning, allowing you to check how exactly the other co-worker has changed the document located in a Card.  We have used the Note functionality to describe the main work goal and a Todo list to enumerate all sub-tasks in the context of the whole Card. All documents added by co-workers are collected in a form of Document Group. With this information, a Conference team can get their work done in a context of their part of the job.

Try it yourself!

We have presented you the universal template to organize events by using KanBo Board.

KanBo provides everything a team needs to complete their work such as organizing a complex Conference. By using KanBo to organize an event, a team get instant access to the whole needed information while experiencing the real-time work. This causes an opportunity to react to all sudden actions which can happen during setting an event. What is more, KanBo with its self-explanatory interface doesn’t require any special onboarding, so there is no need to perform additional training to the new members of a team which might join the team. As a last feature, KanBo gives a team possibility of performing a complex work analysis and building a knowledge base to use in case of future similar events.  

Get your access to Sandbox LTD here for free and enter the Board Conference about Digital Transformation with provided credentials.