We are at the end of another fantastic year here at KanBo, and as I was reflecting on our progress and a company and making plans for the start of 2018, I thought I would share some of our favorite moments or “wins” from the past 12 months. I’m so excited by the continued growth of KanBo, and the many positive reviews from our customers and partners on a weekly basis – but we’re particularly proud of these moments from the past year:

  1. Being recognized as finalists in three categories at the European SharePoint Conference (ESPC17) in Dublin, Ireland, and then winning the award for Best Office 365 Add-in. The award is recognition of the innovation of our product by the community and a panel of independent judges. This was the second time we were considered for an ESPC award, and our second time winning!
  2. Introducing a new UI design and several innovative UI concepts – elevating KanBo to new levels of usability, and opening doors to more features and possibilities, such as customizable card layouts, custom fields, or background images – all of which will be coming to the product soon.
  3. Announcing our integration with Microsoft Teams. Specifically, the launch of Mr. K (the KanBo Bot) and Tab, enabling KanBo to be used by a much broader spectrum of users worldwide, and to help customers get more out of their Microsoft collaboration infrastructure.
  4. Introducing Card Status as an additional dimension to the Kanban Board concept – combined with the interactive Board Views, KanBo becomes a multi-dimensional project management platform. The MyBoard adds a personal Workstream dimension to the whole concept.
  5. Introducing KanBo to Microsoft Outlook real-time synchronization, allowing KanBo Cards to sync with Outlook Tasks and display Outlook Events on the KanBo Timeline.
  6. KanBo’s extensibility model was completely redesigned at the beginning of the year – now there is KanBo Core + a set of plugins for document storage, search, authentication, and more, ensuring that KanBo can be connected to other 3rd party systems beyond the Microsoft stack.
  7. Working with long-time friend and MVP Christian Buckley as a product Ambassador and partial-CMO, helping us to better express and share the internal values of KanBo with the outside world. His extraordinary knowledge of the collaboration space and strategic guidance means a lot to us.
  8. KanBo Intelligent Search based on our own deep-learning algorithms (also available on premises) not only searches through your content for specific terms, but it also takes into account the relevancy of information to the user based on his/her interactions and collaboration behaviors within KanBo.
  9. Ensuring KanBo is equipped for the next wave of Digital Transformation = Working Out Loud (learn more here) by introducing the Personal KanBo Home, Public Boards with the SelfJoin option, and an OpenBook option that allows all users to create boards by themselves.
  10. Winning many new KanBo partners all around the globe this year – and soon there will be a dedicated section for Partners on our website!

This list is not all-inclusive, of course, but it definitely shows the growth and progress we’re making, and the recognition we’ve received.

Thank you to all of our partners and customers for making 2017 such a huge success for KanBo! The team is looking forward to another record-breaking year in 2018, so be sure to continue following this blog and our social feeds for more news!

Have a happy New Year!