Visual Project Management

The collection of cards in a digital whiteboard makes it possible to allocate resources efficiently, to identify potential bottlenecks early in the process and to create an organizational structure tailored to business requirements through customizable lists.

A Board consist of Lists where you create cards that will be moved from list to list when tasks are processed. Lists are used to create and monitor (task) workflows but can also be used as containers to store ideas and information within a context.

In the most simple case a board consists of just three lists, „To Do“, „Doing“ and „Done“. By placing and moving cards from list to list cards are indicated as work to do, work in progress or work done.

That way all members of the board can see the progress of the project with a quick glance – KanBo is updating in real time. Regardless of the device you are using KanBo on, every kind of interaction is instantly visible.

Board Analytics

See, understand and take actions based on accurate analytics.

Board Gantt Chart

Our vision of Gantt. Drag, extend, shorten, create relations in real time. White = ongoing, Red = ongoing but late by X days, Green = all good, Yellow stripes = some of its sub tasks (cards) are breaking the due dates of parent – prediction that it will soon become red so you better start acting!!
Easy, right?

Non interruptive and personalized notifications

No interrupting emails from colleagues anymore. Get information on what you care about the most in real time. Follow topics, lists, cards, boards.

The final cure to the CC-Email disease.



Get people onboard.

Integrate with your on-premise user directory (Active Directory) or with your cloud user management (Azure Active Directory) to add board members. Presence information and Skype help you to get in touch with people instantly.

Board Chat

The board chat enables you to communicate with colleagues and co-workers directly in a specific board (e.g. Sales) and discuss the latest events throughout the board. You also are able to mention any user in your message to draw their attention to a KanBo Card.

Meet the Timeline

Our timeline feature enables you to see all current cards with a set deadline and how far away said deadline still is. Gather essential information at a glance and easily prioritize tasks for your daily and weekly todo list.

Board Collections

KanBo consist of a collection of Boards that can be accessed from the Landing Page. Boards typically represent projects, work groups, departments or business processes. For example there could be one board for Controlling, two boards for current projects and one board for company news.

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