KanBo free licenses for Microsoft MVPs

Here at KanBo, we greatly appreciate MVPs and Influencers who possess professional consulting skills, wide technical knowledge of software products and a passion to share it.

Having a free license will allow you to see KanBo in action and discover every aspect of it!

As a MVP, you can take advantage of your knowledge and expertise to connect KanBo with Microsoft products: #Windows Server, #SharePoint, #Azure, #Office 365, #Exchange, #PowerApps, #Flow, #PowerBI, #Containers.

Now you can show your customers how quickly you can build a digital modern workplace.

You can freely make use of KanBo API to create custom connections and expand the Microsoft’s potential from scratch.

KanBo is available in On Premise, Cloud, Hybrid models so you can adjust it to your customers’ needs.

 Get a license now

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