KanBo integrates deeply with the Microsoft ecosystem

KanBo has been built with a deep integration into existing enterprise ecosystems in mind. The strongest integration has been established with Microsoft products and Microsoft Cloud environment (Office 365 and Azure).

Single Sign On (SSO)

KanBo Office 365 Integration
KanBo Azure Active Directory private and public cloud integration installation SSO

KanBo provides a seamless Single Sign On (SSO) experience with all Microsoft environments: Active Directory (on premise), Office 365 or Azure Active Directory (private and public cloud). Picking or searching for users utilizes your existing Microsoft user management infrastructure so user on boarding and off boarding is managed centrally for applications not only KanBo.

Document Sources

KanBo Document Sources DocSources SharePoint Document Libraries SharePoint Sites integration

Most enterprises have been in business for a long time and they have a lot of documents scattered across different locations like shared network drives, SharePoint Libraries, OneDrive, etc. With KanBo’s Document Sources feature you attach your existing locations of documents to KanBo Boards and start using documents from there in your KanBo cards without creating additional copies of documents. The documents stay where they are today and you can view and edit them (even in a browser) directly from KanBo Cards. All documents are under Version Control and when people are following cards with documents they will get notified about new versions of documents. KanBo only references the documents and does not create any copies. Attach as many Document Sources to your Board as you need and drag & drop documents on KanBo Cards. KanBo will also always respect the permission settings of any Document Source when presenting documents from there and will apply security trimming if a user is not allowed to access the document. Additionally KanBo utilizes the SharePoint/Office 365 Search Engine, which empowers KanBo to display search results based on document content. Over 55 file types are supported.

Skype for Business integration

KanBo Skype for business integration productivity collaboration Office 365 integration

Whenever a user is displayed in KanBo you can see his/her presence information (Available, In a meeting, Away, etc. ) based on his Skype for Business status. Of course you are able to start a private chat or a video-call right from the KanBo card. You can even see when this person is available based on his Outlook calendar.

SharePoint Lists and Webforms integration

KanBo SharePoint Integration SAP CRM SQL Server

SharePoint Lists are amazing. You can build a data structure as fast as in Excel and SharePoint will create the web forms for data entry and for displaying data automatically. Whenever you need a KanBo card to have custom fields even with calculation formulas you can build them using the underlying SharePoint Lists in no time and connect the list to a KanBo Board. KanBo will take care of the synchronization of the Board and the SharePoint List in real time. You can build great applications especially with SharePoint Lists that store data from Web Forms (i.e. InfoPath, Nintex or Wufoo Forms). Using Business Connectivity Services you can connect almost any Data Source to your KanBo Board. Combining integration with other enterprise systems and mobile push notifications on followed elements in KanBo provide a very strong foundation for building mobile solutions without programming.

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