Staying productive on the go

Hit deadlines, communicate in a context of a card, attach pictures, and track everything—whether leads, issues, or approval workflows. KanBo mobile apps help you move any kind of work across the finish line when you are on the go. KanBo mobile apps get the overview you need. Focus on just your responsibilities or see the overall progress of your team. It is all at your fingertips.

At KanBo we always look for the best, available technology to solve business problems. Being able to access information and work from your mobile device does not require mobile apps anymore. We strongly believe in Progressive Web Apps (What is PWA?) and that is how you interact with KanBo from mobile devices today. As on mobile apps you can use our KanBo PWA even if you are not connected to the internet – Offline Mode.

Check out the screens on several devices:


KanBo for Mobile Phones

KanBo for Android and iOS turns your mobile device into a productivity hub in no time.

KanBo for Tablets

Work anytime and anywhere using your best devices.

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