Put Emails into Context

As for almost all communication inside of your organization KanBo can be used, the communication with the external business world still takes place via email. With this KanBo feature you will be able to easily put the information coming from outside of your organization into the appropriate context (KanBo Card) so others can profit from it and be more productive.

The Outlook App makes it easy for you transfer information from an email to KanBo. This App equips you with the ability to convert Emails into KanBo Cards. It is also possible to select an existing KanBo Card and attach information from the email to it. During this process the KanBo Outlook App decomposes the email into parts like sender, receiver, subject and attachments. All that information is placed into the KanBo Card as separate elements to increase usability of these information. The attachments are uploaded to the SharePoint Library that has been selected in the KanBo Board settings as default for Email attachments and linked with the newly created or selected KanBo Card.

The KanBo Outlook App has been developed according to the newest Microsoft standards called “Office Web Apps”. It makes the installation on clients obsolete and it runs on Outlook 2013/2016 on local computers as well as on Outlook Web Application (OWA) in a browser.

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