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About KanBo Partner Program
KanBo is open for partnerships with organizations of every brand. We especially value partnership with companies working in areas such as consulting, providing solutions, hosting and business development and engaging Microsoft services in their effort.

Partnership always comes with benefits for both associates. In KanBo, we see cooperation as a way of expanding businesses, learning from each other and broadening our horizons. We stand up for specialists of various areas, starting from Microsoft Partners through MVPs and Consultants to Solution Architects. All skills are appreciated as far as both partners desire to achieve a shared goal – which is constant and increasing progress for both parties. We can achieve more by building our businesses together!

Benefits of Partnership

We offer you an opportunity to grow into a specialist in your interest area! Sharing knowledge and experience is a major feature of successful and growing partnership. As professionals in our line of work, we would like to develop ourselves by exchanging data and skills.
By collaborating with KanBo you can obtain a lot of useful resources, which will help you expand your business. We provide you access to Partner Program which contains a rich set of know-how data about Digital Workplace and Digital Transformation. What is more, you will be granted with solutions catalog which focuses experiences and answers provided by other KanBo Partners. Access to it gives you a great opportunity to merit by collaboration with other professionals. Our contribution to Partners consists also of asserting them with KanBo Knowledge Base for Experts as well as with training and marketing materials.
We are creating a chance of setting partner relationships with re-sellers of KanBo licenses as well. An authorized re-seller would be able to provide KanBo licenses to clients on the regular basis and profit from it! We offer a percentage of commission charge for the effective sale.
We trust in building good relations and providing assistance to our associates. As our Partner, you will be getting the highest amount of engagement from us as well as effective support service.

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Our Partners

Our partners build comprehensive solutions for their customers making use of the KanBo platform.

Partnership specialties

Microsoft Partners

As a company which product can be installed in Microsoft Office 365 environment, we put great value in specialists of Microsoft environment.
We are looking especially experts qualified with knowledge of: 

  • Collaboration and Content Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Business Intelligence

Business Development Partners

Every company’s goal is to set new trusted relationships with clients as well as maintain the current ones. Owing to this fact, we are looking for Business Development Partners which would be capable of researching and finishing subsequent partnerships with other companies and also supporting our products among customers.

Cloud and OnPremise Experts

As KanBo can be installed both on Cloud and OnPrem environments, we also greatly appreciate professionals such as:

  • Cloud and Office 365 Solutions Specialists
  • OnPrem Solution Architects
  • OnPrem Server Administrators

We offer partnership also for professionals at providing cloud-enabled supplies.

Solution Architects

We are looking for experts in area of providing technical analysis and solutions, which are connected to business objectives of KanBo. A person we would like to have partnership would be someone who has an eye on advances and standards in technology, both existing and developed one. With your assistance, KanBo can offer best solutions needed by its clients.

Consulting Partners

We are looking for consultants to support our product among customers. What we want to achieve with this partnership is making sure that we gain access of customers to our initiative. This goal needs to be fulfilled by actions of professional consultants and based on communications with clients. Come to know our product and figure out if KanBo suits your clients’ needs.

Hosting Partners

We offer partnership for professional providers of cloud-enabled products and supplies, based on the services conducted in their data centers. If your products are already managed on cloud environments as: Microsoft Azure, Office 365 or Amazon Web Services, then KanBo could be a great product in your domain to offer.

Solution Partners

Our objective is to create the best customer practices and services. As for solution partners, we are looking for experts responsible of helping our Clients to grow their business and building trusted customer experiences with KanBo. By shared collaboration and usage our know-how and your consulting actions, we can offer the best service and solutions for our Clients.

Freelancers, MVPs and Consultants

To offer best solutions our clients need, we would like to collaborate with experts who have an eye on technology advances and standards.
Freelancers, MVPs and Consultants are welcome to join forces with us. Your professional knowledge and passion to share it would have a positive effect on creating better relationships and projects for both parties.

                      Partners’ testimonials:

KanBo unites the daily flood of information of Outlook, Skype, SharePoint, etc. and shows all relevant information in my team or project at a glance.

Manuela Bruderer,WorkSmart Coach, Swisscom

Enterprises increasingly need visibility into the granular workloads of employees, allowing everyone – from the executive to the front-line worker – to provide their expertise. In other words, work activity should be transparent and collaborative. KanBo masters that challenge and has immediate impact on productivity increase.

Ruggero Crameri, CEO, Crativ GmbH

KanBo is the glue bringing all other systems like SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, Azure together in a comprehensive way. The flexible structure of KanBo enables us to focus on solving real customer problems and deliver solutions that have true business impact for our customers.

Klaus Greiner, Head of Business Solutions Department, BLUE Consult GmbH

Frequently asked questions about Partner Program

1. Can anyone become a Partner?

KanBo Partnership program is an open one. Everybody is welcome as far as your company’s operations are consistent with KanBo philosophy and line of work.

2. Does KanBo Partnership require any payments?

No, it’s entirely cost-free. What is more, KanBo Partners can take advantage of many benefits such as:

1. A percentage of commission charge for reselling KanBo licenses
2. Access to Partner Program which contains a rich know-how data considering Digital Workplace and Digital Transformation
3. Access to solutions catalogue provided by KanBo Partners. It might bring even more profit for your business
4. Training and marketing resources
5. KanBo Knowledge Base for Experts

3. How can I take advantage of my benefits as a Partner?

Benefits will be settled  each time, depending on your actions and commitment.

4. What is the procedure for becoming a KanBo Partner?

Applying for a KanBo Partners and becoming a Partner is described in the procedure below. 

1. Complete the preliminary KanBo Partner Program form at the top of this page.
2. You will receive an email from us, containing Conditions and NDA agreement with a high-level summary of the KanBo Partner Program.
3. Review it will your legal team and send the signed agreement to us. Time to complete: 3-5 days.
4. Once you sign the KanBo Partner Program agreement, you will receive an advanced form to fill in with your data. Time to complete: 2-3 days.
5. As soon as the advanced form is filled, we will review your request to join KanBo Partner Program and countersign within 15-30 days.
6. When your KanBo Partner Program request is approved, you will receive access to the dedicated Partners Site! Now you can benefit from all KanBo Partner Program opportunities.

In case of any product related questions, feel free to contact us.

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