Visualize your personal context within your organization

Bring KanBo cards from other Boards to visualize your personal stream of work. Prioritize and depict your current workload. Manage your Personal KanBan of work while all cards in this particular Board are mirrors of cards from origin project Boards. Movements of cards in your Personal KanBan do not have any effect in the origin project Boards. Whenever you open a Card it is always up to date and all changes are visible in real-time.


Customize it to fit your needs

Adapt the names of Lists to fit your individual style of work. Arrange the order of lists in a way you like to organize your workload. You could even add a List called “My Favorited Cards” or “Observing” – remember this is your Personal KanBan and you can do here what you want – it will not affect others – this Board is supposed to help you to stay focused on what’s most important to YOU.

Next Level of Working Out Loud

Invite your co-workers to your Personal KanBan Board and share your current tasks, their status and priorities with them. Using the Personal KanBan starts making your work visible in such a way that it might help others, i.e. Managers can see the actual workload and planning in real-time from your personal perspective.

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