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Number of Users
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Your annual cost
Annual cost of email interruption
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for users is:
According to Gartner, your employees get about 56% unwanted emails. The interruption caused by them takes away about ??? of valuable hours from your organization annually.
KanBo annual licenses
Annual cost for KanBo licenses
in plan will cost:
In-context communication and collaboration eliminates up to 90% of internal emails. The visualisation of work by KanBo decreases operational overhead (less meetings) by 80%.
Your savings
Extra Time
per Employee per Week
Annual saving
Extra Performance
86% of tasks are completed faster
Using KanBo significantly reduces the reliance on email as the primary communication channel and decreases operational overhead (fewer meetings).
KanBo setup for your organization takes 20 minutes
but saves you up to 469 hours per year.
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